I’m baaaaack…

After a not-so-brief hiatus, my blog is up and running again…

For those of you who weren’t aware, I made the decision to restrict access to some of my previous entries out of respect to the organization where I am interning. While nothing was written that would intentionally do any harm, I didn’t want anything that I wrote to be used against me in any way, or worse, used to cast a negative light on the folks who have been so nice to welcome and teach me. So while I consider some of my past posts to be writing that I am proud of, I will maintain them as “password-protected” (if you would like to read them send me an email and I can determine accessibility on an individual basis) in an effort to maintain privacy. In the future the blog will still have the same focus, but will be written in a different way. I’ll take the focus off of the group I am working with and will instead place it on the things I am learning and the science itself. Don’t worry; it will still be interesting, I promise!

So stay tuned, exciting things to come…

One response to “I’m baaaaack…

  1. If you’d like access to the old entries, email me at animalcsi@gmail.com!

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