Animal lover. Passionate scientist. Proud owner of the world’s greatest rescued shelter dogs (and cats), who are the reason for EVERYTHING that I do. Amateur illustrator and writer. Finished my Masters of Forensic Science degree at a large university in an even larger east coast city, with concentrations in veterinary / wildlife forensics and criminalistics. Worked for the SPCA’s law enforcement and veterinary services divisions and used forensics to aid in animal investigations. Currently working for University of Florida, designing their Wildlife Forensics Certificate Program, and trying to spread the word about the emerging and very promising field of animal forensics, which combines my two great loves – so far, so good! Hoping to save the world, one animal at a time.

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  1. Hi,
    I stumbled across your site and was interested to learn more about you and your work. I, too, am interested in wildlife forensics. I’m the author of ANIMAL INVESTIGATORS: How the World’s First Wildlife Forensics Lab is Solving Crimes and Saving Endangered Species. You can learn more about me via http://www.laurelneme.com. Would love to connect.


  2. Hi!
    I can’t believe you contacted me – I LOVE YOUR BOOK! It’s sitting here right now! I have been interested in that lab for some time and bought your book a year ago to learn more about it. Right now I am in the process of getting a veterinary forensics program started at my grad school… so far, so good. We have a certificate program that is almost ready to be released. I’m excited because wildlife and vet forensics are important emerging fields that deserve more attention and will continue to increase in importance as laws change and awareness grows. I’d love to know more about you and how you started out and what you are currently working on!! And thank you for reading! I actually have a blog post in the works now about the lab and your book!

    • I came across your blog and would like some information about the veterinary forensic science programs you are developing. What school is the program at?? Will it be offered online or only on campus? Thank you for your help.

      • I am sending you an email – thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, there are many people out there who would love to turn what I do into food for lawsuits, so I am forced to maintain as much privacy in this blog as possible.

  3. Allison Gamble


    Sorry to leave an unrelated comment, but I couldn’t find any contact information for you on the site. I wanted to ask if you might be interested in a guest post. Please drop me an e-mail!



  4. I am interested in applying to graduate school ( I am also applying to vet school currently but I want to have a back up plan) and I stumbled upon your website. Is there any information you can give me that pertains to animal forensics and schools that offer masters for animal related forensics?? Thanks

  5. Hello!

    I stumbled across your blog in searching for photos. I’m making tshirts/merch/ etc. to raise money for the SPCA here in MD as well as a couple breed specific rescues and a reptile rescue.

    I would love to use your Sherman photo – or some of the others I’ve seen.

    If you would allow me to use your images, that would be great. I can give you more information.

    • Hi! I sent you an email! Thank you so much for showing enough respect to contact me to ask permission – that means a lot! But just wanted to make a note here for others who may be interested: please give proper credit when using someone’s images. Everything on this site is copyrighted.

  6. I’m currently graduating this semester with a BS in forensic science and I want to attend grad school for animal forensics but have no idea where to begin looking. HELP! I love the book and follow the lab in Oaklands research and am a fanatic about animals so I really would love to work with them but I love criminalistics too. Thanks

  7. Hi,
    I stumbled across your website in looking for more imformation.
    I’m a vet student in Japan and interested in veterinary forensics.
    There’s no special institution of veterinary forensics in Japan.
    Is there any chance I can contact with you?


    • Hi Rene!

      Please check out the International Veterinary Forensic Sciences Association (www.ivfsa.org)!
      They are a great group and have a conference coming up at the beginning of May – I highly recommend it and have met some great people there!
      Also, the University of Florida is offering a certificate program in veterinary forensics, and you can take the courses online.
      Feel free to reply here, or email me (animalcsi@gmail.com) if you have any other questions!!
      Thanks and all best!

  8. Thank you for your reply!!
    I’ve finally finished my terminal exams,
    and I’ll take a good look at the course online from UF.


  9. Elizabeth Couillard-Alvarez

    I’m only 16 but my life dream ever since I was 5 I knew that I wanted (needed) to help animals. I was thinking of a wildlife rehabilitator but I am rethinking my career to a Animal CSI.

    • You can always do both! Lots of people I know do many different things… veterinarian, CSI, lawyer, investigator. The more you know and the more skills you have, the better! Keep me posted on your plans!

  10. Victoria Rowland

    Hello. My name is Victoria and I am currently applying to the Master’s in Veterinary Forensics program at UF and I am contemplating pursuing the grad certificate in wildlife conservation and forensics as well after graduation. I was wondering if you could provide mw with some more information about the field of veterinary forensics and possible career opportunities. I graduated pre-vet in 2014 and was in the process of applying to vet school when I found out that I was having a beautiful baby girl. So needless to say my life has taken a slightly different path than I had planned. I am very excited about the new developments in the field and am curious as to the part that I can play. Thank you.

  11. Hi, I am a fourth year vet student in the states and am excited about an upcoming externship in the veterinary forensics dept of the ASPCA. I’m looking for more info on career possibilities in this field, particularly with regard to captive exotics who are the subject of abuse investigations. I’m also interested in learning more about international opportunities. I am considering applying to the masters program at UF after I graduate! I see from previous comments that you are willing to chat with people privately, which is so appreciated and such a clear indication of your passion for what you do. I’m wondering if you’d also be willing to provide me some thoughts on a career in the field? Thank you so much for such a great resource!!

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